How to Find the Right Co-Founder to Build a Startup?
April, 15
11:00 (EST)
Ok, you've decided to launch a startup—should you wait to get a great co-founder before you start? Or just go ahead?

This is what venture capitalists think:
No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you are playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team
Reid Hoffman, Venture Capitalist and Co-Founder of Linkedin
  • want to figure out if you need a co-founder
  • are tired of carrying the load all by yourself but do not know where to look for a co-founder
  • don’t want to embark on the entrepreneurial journey alone and need somebody who shares your vision
  • want to steer clear of team conflicts and find the right co-founder profile for your personality type
  • found a co-founder and want to test out and know for sure that you have the same vision before any commitment
Do you want to increase your odds of success? Apply for this workshop if you:
You will learn:
Where should you look for co-founders?
How to pitch your startup to get a stellar co-founder on board?
How you can find a co-founder that balances you out?
What kind of complementary skills might you look for in a co-founder?
You will get:
Hands-on Masterclass with a Q&A Session
You will shape a profile of your ideal co-founder and post your request to find a co-founder in 7+ relevant communities
Actionable Guide on How to Find and Pick a Co-Founder
Cofounder search checklist
A list of communities, events, and venues where you can post your request
List of 50 qualities to look for in a co-founder to complement you
Matthew Lerner
Our speaker
Matthew Lerner is a founder, advisor, and investor in early-stage ventures. Having built (and sold) several businesses of his own, he is well situated to bring his past experience and knowledge to help the next generation of founders reach their goals.

Matthew is passionate about building and operating early-stage businesses from the ground up, advising/consulting startups, turning nascent ideas into successful companies, and investing in the right opportunities. He has particular experience (and fondness) for companies in food, media, travel, and hospitality.

Matthew works with founders to identify the areas that are in the greatest need of extra attention, works diligently to bring everything up to speed, and helps founders prepare for their next round of funding and company growth.
How to Find the Right Co-Founder to Build a Startup?
April, 15
11:00 (EST)
Apply for the Workshop and Get an Actionable Guide on How to Find and Pick a Co-Founder
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