C-Level Program Showcase and Startup Pitches Review with Marvin Liao
May, 2
10 am EDT/ 4 pm CEST
Too many startup founders’ otherwise great ideas flounder when they pitch them wrong. It is often difficult to distinguish excellent pitches from good ones, as investors often give a standard nugget of advice,
“Your idea is amazing, but come back later when you show more traction.”
Get the opportunity to learn how experienced Silicon Valley’s investors evaluate startups
Come and join as 2 startups pitch and get detailed feedback pointing at their strong and weak points from an accomplished investor and ex-partner of 500 Startups, Marvin Liao. Marvin worked and invested in more than 400 pre-seed and seed-stage startups including Aircall and Manychat.
Marvin Liao
Marvin Liao is an ex-partner at 500 Startups, running an SF-based accelerator program as well as investing in Seed stage startups. In 6 years, Marvin invested in and worked with over 414 pre-seed and seed-stage startups.

He also worked at Yahoo! for over 10 years as Commercial Director for EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). Marvin has expertise in media, mobile, marketplaces, advertising technologies, MedTech, IoT, FinTech, and enterprise SaaS.
  • The format of pitching events by watching two DeepTech and FinTech startups pitch

  • How experienced investors evaluate startups by watching Marvin Liao give detailed feedback to startups

  • How C-Level program can help you launch a startup in the US — you will be able to chat with students and ask questions about startups and C-Level program
You will learn:
For three months these startup founders had access to mentor support, expert sessions, and networking at C-Level program, a hands-on program for future founders to launch a startup in the US in 5 months.
GARD helps the gaming community get access to financial services tailored to the gaming industry's needs: get relevant rewards and cashback from day-to-day spending. The startups got initial investments from the founding team of $400k and validates the demand with pre-orders.
AQUAJOY produces a floating suit, that allows beginner swimmers, to learn to swim easily by increasing the body’s buoyancy without adding bulk. It allows to train swimming skills and overcome the fear of water.
C-Level student
Entrepreneur since 2014
7+ years in fintech and payments
co-founder and executive at fintech and crypto startups
gamer since 2005
Oleg Mali
C-Level student
Entrepreneur with 15 years of experience
Experience in launching products in 5 countries
Konstantin Gamarnik
C-Level student
Entrepreneur with 7 years of experience
Launched businesses with an ARR of $140,000
Yuriy Kleinotskiy
C-Level student
Strategic management adv.
10 years in business consulting (strategic management, business modeling);
12 years in science and research
Ivan Lunegov
До начала вебинара
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